Dragon Blaze : Deify System

Today Dragon Blaze Chapter 2 went live.

A couple new allies have been added to the game, introducing the Quinque Dracos - Legendary SSS which are currently the strongest allies ingame. However, I saw that people got tonns of questions how the new Deify System works, so let me try to explain!

Deify System
The Deify System allows players to develop their "normal" SSS into an even more powerful SSS ally. The best thing is that you can kind of pick the ally that you want!

What do you need to deify a "normal" SSS?
You need an SSS ULTIMATE + 10 Memory Essences of the Draco you want + 800.000 Gold.

No more RNG thanks to the Deify System! You can now choose which class you want. To do so, you need to pick an SSS of the same class that you want to get after deify (for example, of you are aiming to get Draco Bloodwind, you can pick any SSS archer that you got - it just has to be fully enhanced to ULTIMATE. If you want Draco Blackaria, choose any ULTIMATE SSS Priest, ...)

How to obtain Memory Essences?
There are currently 2 ways to obtain the needed Essences.
1) Drops: The essences have a chance to drop as rare material in dungeon stages (bosses only!).

2) Shop: You can buy the essences in the shop. They aren't too expensive and only cost 30 Rubies per essence.

Enhancing the new allies
Attention! Enhancing the new SSS allies isn't that easy, because you need 1 essence of the ally that you want to upgrade PER TRY (even if the enhance fails, the essence will be gone!)! So this will be pretty expensive.

You shouldn't deify the following allies yet:

Captain Shabelle: She still has the most powerful rez spell so you might want to keep her.

Belle Snow/Whay/Ann: Later on we will be able to deify a really strong summon ally so definitely KEEP one of them for now!

Knight Tiel & Knight Ari: Definitely keep them, because in the future we will be able to enhance them to Kamiel, the one of the best tanks you can currently get in the KOR version.
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